C'est la vie!

A lot has been happening in life. Suddenly life seems larger than life.

Jun 3rd - 5th
A fun trip to coastal california. Lots of dining n whining, baby. I hope to write a brief account of my travel sometime soon. Highlights -

  1. Herbivore and Dosa on Valencia.
  2. Drive along the Pacific to Monterey, Carmel n Big Sur.
  3. Monterey aquarium.
  4. 17-mile drive - too much of a hype.
  5. Hike to Andrew Morela Beach at Big Sur.
  6. Amir's Kabob House, Hula Island Grill, Madura, Chaat Paradise, Carmel Cafe and Kasa - We travelled the Bourdain way - lots of food sampling is a major part of the travel.
  7. And of course, just peeped into China Town and glanced at the Golden Gate.
June 26-27
It was the anniversary weekend. 5 yrs! On 26th, hand lunch at Med Kitchen and toured the Deception Pass in a Jet boat. Totally awesome. Wore the blue beachy dress that made me look mediterranean. Got to see some wild life. On 27th, had brunch at Maltby Cafe, cut the absolutely delicious and fattening Princess Torte that I got from Hoffman's Fine Pastries and went to Root Table for an early asian fusion dinner. Awesome! Awesome!
In between June 5th and 26th, went to an Iranian Festival at Seattle Center. All about food again. Falooda Ice cream and home made baklava.

Got a nice hair cut and love my hair style now! Phew! My hair grows faster than weeds. Hiked up to Twin Falls on July 3rd. Lovely 3 mile hike. Followed by spicy schezuan dinner at Spicy Talk Bistro. The next day, met with S & C for dinner at their place - pasta salad, grilled veggie burgers, nachos and ice cream. Then went with them to the Bellevue Park to see the fire works. Got back home and watched Housefull. A slapstick comedy.

On 6th July -R & S were vising from San Diego- we met them for dinner at Orexi. Horrible food. Crappy Service. The waitress is a total looter. She kept calling me a "Pretty Lady" all the while and put on such an air of pretense. Never again!!
Today, am joining A for a Baseball game at Safeco. Am not a Baseball fan. Am going there purely for decoration. I'll be the fresh Cherry on the cake.Will wave and try to get the camera's attention. And there will be food, of course. And, for lunch today, the cafe had a special - footlong sub for 3.99 with tax. Cool, isn't it? I ate half of it and save the other half for A. I know.....am very sweet.
Flying to India very soon. Really excited.

Suddenly, life is happening!! How about you? What's new at your end?


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