East, West, North, South!

I am awful with directions. If you twirl me, when I stop twirling I won't have a clue which direction I have to go. When I walk out of restrooms in the malls, I usually stop and look at either sides to make sure I go the right way. Yeah, am so pathetic, and poor A has a tough time with me.

I was meeting A downtown to watch the Baseball game at Safeco. A's office was offering tickets and there was a huge BBQ set up. We were given T-shirts to wear to the game and at the stadium they even gave us Baseball caps!

There was heavy traffic and I was running late. A called to find out where my bus was.

A: Where are you, baby?
Me (looking out of the window): Hmmmm...here...near Utopia.
Utopia is a cafe that I just spotted. Never heard of it before.
A (never heard of Utopia) : What? Where in the world is it?
Me: Here, on my left!

And after I got off at my stop, I was a little confused as to which direction to go. I was about to call A, when my phone rang.

Me: Hon, I got off and the driver asked me to follow the crowd to the Stadium. So, am just walking with the crowd.
A: Hmmm....OK....
Me: Am at 5th now....everyone's taking a winding bridge kind of thing...am also on the bridge now...
A ( knowing West will confuse me): Are you walking towards the sun? Is the sun ahead of you?
Me (looking up at the sky): Ah, yes!
A: Phew! You are on the right path....
Me (hesitating a lit): So....that means am walking west, right?
A (Laughs): Yes!

See, am not so bad after all!


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