Excuse me?

".......Cafeteria?" asked my cab driver. I just caught the last word and asked him back, "Cafeteria??". Don't you work at the cafeteria, he asked. I let out a low gasp and made such big eyes that my eye balls almost popped out. I fumbled for my phone, turned on the camera and checked myself out. What?? Do I look like someone who works in the Cafe? I told him no. And he justified his question by telling he thought I worked there because all those people get off at 2pm, same as me. Phew! But, even then, do I look like someone who works in the Cafe??

God....I thought. I need to do somehting about how I look. May be I should toss this backpack and get that Gucci bag I ogled at, at Bravern. May be I should get a makeover.

I told A when I got back home. I dunno, something actually made me burst into laughter when narrating the story to him. He first laughed and then tried to console me. Baby, you look hispanic...that's why he must have thought so.He would have asked the same to Jim (my boss), if it had been him and not you, he said. I nodded and agreed, but was seriously contemplating a makeover.

I yelped and found a hip and trendy salon called Vain in downtown Seattle. I made an appointment for a hair cut with one of their apprentices, who actually tuned out to be a pro! She gave me this lovely hair cut, and flat ironed and styled for $15.00. Can you believe it?? Rebekah, you are the best! She is also giving me a free touch up trim after 4 weeks.

And now, I am all set for the trip. SoBe, here I come!

Of Big Os and haircuts

A was so amorous and we just made out.....God...I love it when he nuzzles at my neck and races to lick my earlobes....Sex feels sooo good!!

I called up Vain and got a hair cut  appointment for Sunday at 4:15 pm. I am so excited!!! I have heard that V is the best Salon in Seattle. I hope Rebekah can work wonders with my hair.
And on Monday, am off to Miami...Yes...SoBe!!! I only hope I look hep and trendy!

It looks like it is going to pour heavily. So cloudy and I can smell the earth :) I love that smell.

WFH tomorrow. Yipeee!!

Gawd...such a dunce!!

A and I were packing his lunch box. He was washing an apple and I was taking out the grapes from the refrigerator, when

Me: May be you can have the apple in the morning...then..this Orange a little later..you know...when you feel thirsty or somehting......the yogurt and grapes during lunch....the nuts when you feel a lil hungry in the evening....you know.....?!?

A: I don't have time for all that....

Yeah, right! What was I thinking.....that he sits in front of the computer and doodles all day? Like me! There, I said it.


We are off to Miami for a week, next week. We will have to eat out all 7 days, 3 times a day atmost...So, I am trying to act very smart and penny conscious, by printing out coffee and restaurant coupons....you know...little drops make an ocean, they say...
We were sitting on the couch watching House. No, actually, he was sitting and I was lying down, with my legs on him. He was holding my leg as if it were a guitar and was strumming it as if giving me a massage. Everytime the Ad comes, I wouls start a conversation. So I said to A

Me: Today I printed out coupons for some restaurants and local coffee houses.....
A: Sweet, baby!
Me: Only thing, the printer gave an error and it did not print afterall......
A: Oh! You should always print to PDF or XPS and then save it...that way you can try printing later.......
Me: Um--hmmm...yeah....now I have create a new ID......
A: Yeah....try doing that....
Me: Tooo bad...you know, I even printed coupons for juice shops and ice creams..Ben n Jerry's....
A (looks at me as though i have gone nuts....): Ice creams??
Me: Yeah...it is going to be 80 in SoBe.....we might feel like eating ice creams.....no? You don't eat ice creams when you are on vacation?
A burst out laughing....


Another lousy weekend

The weekend (March 20-21- am late in publishing this post) as usual whizzed by. The routine...laze on the bed till late morning, then A made coffee and we had a little tete a tete about where to lunch and what to do the rest of the day, as Miss Sunshine was peeking at us through the windows, promising to stay up there the rest of the day.
We lunched at Spiced and you can read about there here. After lunch, we shopped at TJs and drove to Alki Beach.

Just as I was saying "hey....isn't this where you always take the wrong road and get into the interiors of Alki Beach.....and then take me down a winding hill......and show me around alki.....", A once again missed the Harbor Way and was already on Admiral Way. I clapped my hands and giggled just to annoy him, and when it got to him, he threatened to open the door and push me out and got back at me by describing how I would roll down the road. :(

That said, we reached Alki Beach and were lucky to get a good parking spot.We were determined to walk and burn off all the calories we consumed at Spiced. So we walked, and walked. And then, a bird sitting on one of the electric/cable lines did the deed. Yeah, it showered the crap shit (as A called it) right on A's head, his jean and the t-shirt. A reacted in his usual way by blurting out a series of swear words and then said "I have to go to the loo in some cafe and clean this up....". And we continued walking. We finally reached a wash area on the beach where A cleaned up. After walking some more distance, we saw Tully's Coffee and immediately regretted that we should have got our coupon with us, instead of leaving it in the car. In our enthusiasm to walk and burn the said calories consumed at lunch, we walked back to the car. By then we had walked about 1.2 miles or so. Got our coupon and trotted back to Tully's only to find that I had printed the wrong coupon. A shot daggers at me with his eyes. If looks could kill, I would be dead by now.

We then had our coffee and continued walking....After another 15 mins of walking we reached Cactus!. The happy hour tempted us and we went in and sipped a Mojito. Then walked more and finally got back to the car and went to Med Exp for dinner. You can read about it here.

Conversations with the Husband

After canoodling, we were lying on the bed....

Me: I dunno how people wear snopmat.....I don't like the idea of how it fits and works....
A: Yeah, me too....I don't like to wear  smodnoc either!