Heights of....!!!

It is kind of funny, how I keep juggling between my various blogs. I am not biased about my blogs. But I must say that I feel real pleasure when I write something here. The kind of pleasure I feel when I have make up sex. Its like am in a totally different world where no one can reach me. Until, I hear A calling out from the kitchen downstairs, "Where are the coffee mugs, hon?". Its like someone has yanked me from my reverie. I pretend not to have heard him and continue typing, when he yells more loudly thinking I couldn't hear him. "Are the mugs upstairs??!!!". Oh god, I mumble and say, "Must be down....if it's not there, its OK....I don't really need coffee now." Just leave me alone for sometime, I want to add. I get back to typing and in less than a minute, I can hear, "I'll make Boost for you.....should I add Boost after heating the milk or before?". Oh, for god's sake! "After heating.", I yell back. Anyway, how does it matter, I wonder, when he yells back, "How many spoons should I add?". "Oh, puhleez....why are you doing this? I am in middle of writing.......how many questions you ask.....just add until the milk turns brown!!". A chuckles and loves it when I feel bugged. So, he continues to annoy me. "What are you writing??". Now, am really pulling my hair out and want to run away somewhere with the laptop. Instead, I choose to ignore him, when he asks the same question, just in a little more earsplitting tone. My blog, I say. And, am not going to answer anymore of your questions, I add. I hear a loud roar of uncomfortable laughter from the kitchen. "Come down, Boost is ready, he says and laughs more. Bring it up, I answer back. Then I can hear the thumps and more laughter as A totters up the stairs with my Boost. "Come downstairs, baby. We'll watch a movie.", he says. "No not now. I am doing something more important....I am writing about YOU!!", I said. Gosh, don't we make a pair?
I better go now. He's waiting for me. But I will be back with more stories!

So, I have come clean!

I have been doing the master cleanse for the last 10 days and y'day, finally, I got to have something other than the puke arousing lemonade. I have lost more than 10 pounds and fit into all my skinny clothes. Feels amazing, actually. That is, until I think of the lemonade I used to drink 6 times a day with cayenne powder and maple syrup. God! Even writing about it makes me gag. But in the end, my body is thoroughly cleaned of all toxins.So, yay!

Yesterday, after 10 days, I had OJ. I made myself some yummy tortilla soup, without the tortilla of course. And I also treated myself to a few spoons of kolvadyach sambhar and gojja. Just to see how it tastes.My stomach has shrunk to 1/10th it's size. I still don't have the energy to gym. I plan to take my vitamin today.

Bono is having a back surgery and the concerts scheduled for this year have been moved to 2011. What a bummer! My plans of making a stunning appearence and shaking my booty have all gone poof!

On the bright side, we are leaving to California on 5th June. We land in SFO and will be driving to Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur. We have already looked up the places we want to eat at. Everything is planned. I hope all goes well.

Watched The Informant last night. Super cool. He is at first innocent, then smart, then innocent again and then lies, and then normal and finally, back to being a liar! A super cool dude in the garb of a nerd. Definitely worth watching!

Will be back with CA stories. Ciao.