The three something club...

Yesterday (12th May) was my B'day (Yah, Happy B'day to me :) ). Another year older but none the wiser. Honestly, the same bubbly little face and I still get IDed when I visit the clubs et al. Not that I go every weekend. But still, you know....
A usually gets stressed out in planning my B'day out, from the gifts to the cake and the dinner. Ofcourse, he pretends as though he is very cool.
I like to play along and put more pressure on him. So on 11th evening after we got back from work, I noticed he did not have any cake box with him. So, he's not bought it yet, i tell myself. Or, he has bought something that is sooooooo small that it fit in his backpack. How can he do that? Size matters, no?
So, I bug him a little.

Me: "A, where's the cake?"
A: "Why do u want to know?"
Me: "I am curious, becoz, you....I...I don't see it anywhere.."
A: "Do I ask you where my cake is during my B'day?"
Me: "Er....No....but.....did I tell you not to ask?"

Gah! See, I have reasons for everything I do. After sometime, A took the car and disappeared. He came back after an hour with a take out box in hand.

Me (a little horrified) :"What's that A? Is the cake in that box?"
A (grins): "Yes."

Me: "Can I take a peek? I always let you see your cake as soon as I get it home. And you know, you even snoop around the pantry and stuff to get a preview...remember?"

A: "Oh sure, go ahead and open it!"

OK.I can handle it.But...what if it is half a dozen cup cakes ? I'll still be happy that my husband wanted to do something different for me, I reassure myself.

I open it and squeal. The box has 2 pita bread, hummus, baba ganoush, tahini and 2 falafels. Oh Yum, I say n clap.

"Your treat starts now, baby.", says A, very sweetly. Ofcourse, we split the treat.

It's 9 pm and am already sleepy. I want to cut the cake. If there is one, ofcourse. A keeps telling that he has got me a healthy cake, and I am worried . What if it is a cake made out of brown rice and has no sugar? Don't make me cry on my B'day, I warn him. And all he does is snicker and go back to watching Lost. Sigh!

Finally it is 11:30 pm and we are packing our lunch for the next day. I open the fridge to put our boxes in and there it is! The Cake!

I let out a gasp and say "I saw it!" Now A gasps, "Oh no!".

I didn't mean to, you know....anyway it is time to take it out, I tell him. I quickly scurry up while he does the prep.

When I come back, there is a cute little helium balloon tied to the chair. The balloon has flowers and butterflies. Poor A had to drive to 3 different stores to get it!

And then the gorgeous looking chocolate ganache cake. I cut the cake at 00:00 hrs sharp and we click pictures and stuff ourselves with the cake. And then I get a card. The card has tiny handbags and purses drawn all over it and I have been addressed as Becky.A.Shopoholic. I beam at it. And, he even managed to rub salt on the rotting wound by picking one that says "Happy 3... B'day!" Great!!

And then on 12th evening, we went to Carmelita for dinner. You can read about it here.