Another whacky weekend

Saturday, April 4th. The sun crept up. It was in the 60s. And, that usually calls for celebration. People swarmed out of their houses, like bees, trying to absorb all the sunlight they can, as if that was the only day the sun was ever going to show up. It's amazing, what sun can do the the people of Seattle.

Here A and I were in true Seattlite spirits. With A's leg still healing, we could only do the "sit in the open and chill out with a pint" kinda stuff. Whatever suited the occasion. After some extensive shopping at Kohls and Sears, we drove down to Rock Bottom. A sipped (actually, slurped) some pints while I devoured the chips and guacomole. And then some babble.

A: Uggggh.....the chips have a sour cream flavor to it.. what the hell!
Me: Oh c'mon...I can hardly taste it...
A: The menu didn't say "sour cream flavored chips.....".
Me: (chuckle) I think sour cream is the only thing you HATE so much.
A: It is the same way you feel about coconuts....or cinnamon....or....okay, c'mon, now tell me the list of things that you hate and that I have one min and your time starts now........
Me: .........
A: ...........

and more babble.

We then trotted off to Mediterranean Kitchen for some mouth watering Lebanese fare. Lentil soup, pita bread with hummus and some rich spanakopita. Unlike the Greek version of the spanakopitas, these are more garlicky and come with flavorful saffron rice on the side. Every visit to Med. Kitchen is like a trip to heaven. We left the place feeling stuffed and sated.

Sunday, April 5th. The sun crept up again. A blessing, no doubt. And this time we went to the other side of the city - Alki Beach.

It felt like everyone in Seattle was heading there. There was so much traffic and so much more challenging to find parking. We parked the car and walked for a good 20 - 25 minutes along the beach to Duke's. A did the routine of downing a pint while I munched on the sweet potato fries. It was then our turn to take our table on the deck. Bright sunshine lit our faces. The beach right beside us. It was an awesome day. We were given bread to start with. We ordered the only vegetarian dish on the menu, the veggie burger. And that is one of the best I have ever had. The bun was toasted with butter and the pattie grilled to perfection with the cheese melting on it. Yumm yumm. Another heartening meal and we started walking back to the car.

What could be more fun than having nothing to do, but just sit on your ass, prattle, devour yummy food, chug a pint and stare at the beautiful beach?

What's your Inner Gender?!?

Completely insane, but turned out to be true for me :)

You Inner Gender is Female

You're sensitive, caring, and willing to connect with anyone who's open to you.

You make friends easily, and you enjoy all sorts of conversations.

You understand most people you meet - better than they understand themselves.

You're totally a woman... or at the very least, your soul is female.