How sick!

I am still here, at the Service Center. The guys here think I wrote the code for Office. Gah! How dumb can they be? I sport a laptop, do some occasional typing and look like a complete nerd and lo! I work for Microsoft! Well, I only work at Microsoft, not for.

I went back to my book and I heard this conversation:

Guy 1 : These microsoftees make a lot of money!

Guy 2:  May be you should marry a rich microsoft girl and get all the money (wink wink).
[As if I don't exist!]

Guy 1:  I have better plans.....

Guy 2: Hmmm?

Guy 1: Grandma......

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I will walk over to the nursing home down the road, and marry an 80 or 90 year old grandma....will make sure that she is about to die in a few days and also make sure that she is really rich......that way i get to inherit it all!! ( ha ha giggersnort!)

And Guy1 (to me) : What do you think? (snort again)

Me : (Smile) (Acutally meant, you are an idiot!)


It's been quite a while since I have written anything here. I have been busy giving my other baby a new makeover. If you are from Seattle (even otherwise), please take a look at my food blog.

I am right now, at the Mazda Service Center in Lynnwood. I am sitting at a large desk by the window, sipping coffee, with my laptop perched on top and the sunlight streaming through, making me squint a wee bit as I type. I will be here for the next 4 hours and hence all these little perks.

Life has been busy; my job, spinning, aerobics and yoga classes, my books and A, have kept me on my toes. A got back from SLC, some two weeks back. We checked out a couple of new restaurants - Preet's Buffet and Garlic Crush. You can read about it here and here. We watched My Name is Khan and Hurt Locker. Read The Apostle and now reading Bookplate Special.

Weekends went by in catching up with some friends who got back from India and meeting A's friends for lunch. Then, the stroll through Main St in Bellevue and coffee at Belle Pastry. You can read about it here. That's about it for now. I gotta run. See ya soon!

My life this week

It has been an eventful week, actually. With A away at SLC for a conference, I expected the week to crawl like a snail. I was feeling very blue after he left and even looked up last minute tickets on an impulse. Too expensive and not worth it. I would rather save that up for a sun, beach and fun vacation.

I kept myself busy with the fitness classes at the gym. I worked out real hard everyday, that upon reaching home, all I wanted to do was shower, eat and fall on my bed and sink into oblivion. And in the morning, I was back at work.

Let's see....On Tuesday I took up Yoga for an hour, followed by Step plus Abs for another hour. On Wednesday, I was in Spinning class for an hour. I think haven't sweated so much in my entire life. And today I took up Body Works plus Abs. Holy smokes! Working out on steps using dumbells.Did ya hear that? Yes, dumbells. I can feel the stretch in my butt, thighs and back and sides and oh my! I just love these classes.
(Psssst....Today I was getting late for the class and so, I changed into my gym clothes in the car, which was parked on the shoulder, and saved an extra trip to the locker room...And I reached on the dot at 5:45 pm!!)

Today, I even went to a Chocolate tasting event @ the Commons. To be more specific, it was a "dark" chocolate tasting event. Most of it was from Madagascar and one from Venezuela. I liked one in particular that had chocolate on one side and crunchy nibs on the other.Yummy!

I finished Shopoholic Takes Manhattan and now catching up with The Apostle. I like it so far. Very similar to Brad Meltzer's books. Looks like all Brads' think alike.

A is back tomorrow! Tra la la la.....