How sick!

I am still here, at the Service Center. The guys here think I wrote the code for Office. Gah! How dumb can they be? I sport a laptop, do some occasional typing and look like a complete nerd and lo! I work for Microsoft! Well, I only work at Microsoft, not for.

I went back to my book and I heard this conversation:

Guy 1 : These microsoftees make a lot of money!

Guy 2:  May be you should marry a rich microsoft girl and get all the money (wink wink).
[As if I don't exist!]

Guy 1:  I have better plans.....

Guy 2: Hmmm?

Guy 1: Grandma......

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I will walk over to the nursing home down the road, and marry an 80 or 90 year old grandma....will make sure that she is about to die in a few days and also make sure that she is really rich......that way i get to inherit it all!! ( ha ha giggersnort!)

And Guy1 (to me) : What do you think? (snort again)

Me : (Smile) (Acutally meant, you are an idiot!)


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