Weekend - Aug 14th & 15th

The trip to India is just a few days away. The weekend was spent in some last minute shopping, packing and cleaning up the house.

On Friday, I worked from home. I went to the Latin Heat class at the gym with K. Totally awesome. From there I went to Kohls and did some shopping for myself - jeans, tights and intimates.I made sabudhana upeet and sabudhana kheer. I know...just wanted to finish the packet.We had that for dinner and A watched Book of Eli, while I dozed of on the couch. We usually sit on the love seat and I perch my legs on him.

On Saturday, I made cucumber sambar and cabbage bhaji.We had lunch and went to Costco. We finally got a Dyson Vaccum Cleaner that is fantastic. We then went to Walmart for some more shopping -table cloth, hose pipe et al.Final stop was at Central Market for tuti fruiti, for the cake that am going to bake and take with me.A was pulling out the weeds in the garden while I made patatas brava for the evening. We sat on the floor at the table in the living room and chatted about work and stuff over tapas while cafe del mar was playing in the background. For dinner we baked the costco pizza and watched mundinam paarthene.

On Sunday, I made the tofu sabzi and we had lunch. After lunch, we started packing. After packing, we vaccumed the house.It was 6 pm when everthing was done. A flash fried cauliflower for dinner.Very eventful weekend.

Yesterday, I went to Vain and got my 15 min free trim done. Followed by a 3 mile walk on the trail. Today am meeting Katia for the walk. I am yet to hear about my interview.God, I wish I get it. I will spin, twirl and do a little dance.Heck, I will do something more. Will tell you, if I really get it.

We are really excited about the trip.Bags are packed.Lists have been made. I means lists of places to eat at, places to shop at and things to buy.All we need to do is have fun! I will write more from India. I am taking my laptop with me and will keep updating from time to time with pictures, lest I lose track of all that we did.

Wish me a happy journey! You take care and will see you in a bit!

Weekend - Aug 6th, 7th & 8th

The past weekend (Aug 7th & 8th - I am quite late in publishing this post) was quite laid back. I had a long day of interviews on Friday(8/6/2010). I was excited that the interviews went well and at the same time exhausted. I wanted to think of something other than the interviews and eat, drink and be merry  during the weekend. But all I could think of was the interview. I kept reminiscing everything that happened during each interview and was justifying why I thought I would or wouldn't get the offer.

Friday evening there was this surprise birthday party for S arranged by his wife P at Bothell Landing. We got home, changed and went to FM to get some gift for the birthday boy. An idea struck me, like an apocalypse, to get him a portable grill. A wanted to get him the charcoal grill, something to do with the taste, he says. We reached the park at 10 minutes to 7pm and yet there was no one. Finally the couple got there at 7:20 pm. And with them came boat loads of food. Man! It was like a wedding feast. We played badminton and frisbee. Other people trooped in after few more minutes. Corns were barbecued and the cake was cut at 8:20 pm. Chips with guacamole was devoured. Everyone jumped straight to the main course - roti, chole, biryani, soy bean pulao, raita, mango custard, and some other non veg stuff. I stopped when my stomach took the shape and size of a volley ball. Finally, the leftovers were packed into ziplocs and car was reloaded with the rest of the stuff. We got back home at 10:30 pm. Tired after the long day, we just hit the bed.

On Saturday, A had work to catch up with. We made tofu noodles and had it with the tofu bowl that A brought back from his lunch the previous day. We went to Lucky Strike for a game of free bowling with S and C. Courtsey, some coupon off slickdeals for the national bowling week. After the game, we did the usual groceries and got back home at 6:45pm. S & C had called us over for dinner. Soup, Pasta, dumpling, soy nuggets and root beer float! I know, I stuffed myself again. And then, we watched Tere Bin Laden with them.

On Sunday, A caught up with the rest of his work and we did some more groceries and cooking for the next week. Bharwan karela, palak sambhar. Plus, a lot of left overs. Now you know why I diet during the week - I make up for it during the weekend.

Eat, Cook, Eat!

When I was sitting in the bus, on my way to work this morning, I was thinking about how fast the weekend went by. Wouldn't it have been nicer if it were a day longer? What did I do this past weekend? Cooked, ate, cooked and watched movies. Honestly. Thinking about it makes me wonder - Won't we ever get tired of eating? Such was the weekend.

On Friday, we made Paneer in Schezuan curry using Ching's Gourmet Sauce. This, because, we had left over Paneer from the Dinner with the Woodys', and we wanted to use it up before our big trip two weeks from now. It turned out absolutely yummy. A has this new found love for the numbing peppers and demands a handful of freshly ground numbing peppers in any Chinese dish."Throw it in, baby!", is his new punch line. And he panfried the dumplings from HMart.Great dinner, no doubt!

 For a change, we had dinner at the table instead of the usual buffet style in front of the huge TV.

That, with brown rice.

We ate to our heart's content. After dinner, we watched The Wolfman. Sometime in the middle of the movie, we had a Root Beer Float. Another addiction from the dinner with the Woodys'.

On Saturday, we had tickets to The Inception. So, we had a brunch at home before heading to the theater. And, it was roasted Veggie and Black Bean Tacos. So delicious!

Why would we want to eat the same at a restaurant when we can make a much better and healthier one at home ( Organic and all)? Especially, when we enjoy cooking as a team, it is hardly a burden.

That night, A made Egg curry

and cooked up the frozen paranthas (another leftover from the dinner with the Woodys')

and I fried Lotus root, in the Teapot style. Excellent!

And we watched another movie -Singam. It was just a timepass movie.

On Sunday - Radish sambar,rasam,Bhendi (Okra) sabzi and pappadum for lunch. In the evening, I made aloo gobi, for the rest of the week.There is enough leftover and variety to last for the rest of the week!

I think this is what fasting and studying does to a person. I had been studying for this Interview the whole of last week and have been on a strict diet the entire week - only fluids and veggies and beans. No rice. No bread. No pasta. And it has worked amazingly. I lost 3 pounds in 3 days! I have 9 more to lose.Am back on my diet from today.
Though we have been cooking a lot and eat a lot of variety, it was in normal quantities. I don't think we overate. Except for that extra scoop of ice cream on Saturday. But I guess indulging once in a while is OK. Let me see how this week goes!