A new begining

After contemplating for a while, I settled on "Topical beach bums". For, that is what I am, a beach lover. Of course, A too. And hence the plural "bums".

We got back from India, after a short 3 week vacation, to a water damaged home. We have been moved to a hotel (has been three weeks now) until our sweet home is restored. While am enjoying the luxuries of living in a suite, I truly miss my home ... boo hoo. The luxuries include 15 min drive to work, daily maid/housekeeping facility, hot buffet breakfast, 3 days of evening social and what not? But I can't wait to get back home.

It is true that something good comes out of something bad. The floors have been ripped and we are thinking of replacing it with a better wood. The ceilings have been torn apart and we are gonna add more lighting. New tiles and shower system in the bath. So we will be moving into an almost brand new house.

With the new year has come the new home, new life and a new beginning. May we be blessed in our future endeavours.