My life this week

It has been an eventful week, actually. With A away at SLC for a conference, I expected the week to crawl like a snail. I was feeling very blue after he left and even looked up last minute tickets on an impulse. Too expensive and not worth it. I would rather save that up for a sun, beach and fun vacation.

I kept myself busy with the fitness classes at the gym. I worked out real hard everyday, that upon reaching home, all I wanted to do was shower, eat and fall on my bed and sink into oblivion. And in the morning, I was back at work.

Let's see....On Tuesday I took up Yoga for an hour, followed by Step plus Abs for another hour. On Wednesday, I was in Spinning class for an hour. I think haven't sweated so much in my entire life. And today I took up Body Works plus Abs. Holy smokes! Working out on steps using dumbells.Did ya hear that? Yes, dumbells. I can feel the stretch in my butt, thighs and back and sides and oh my! I just love these classes.
(Psssst....Today I was getting late for the class and so, I changed into my gym clothes in the car, which was parked on the shoulder, and saved an extra trip to the locker room...And I reached on the dot at 5:45 pm!!)

Today, I even went to a Chocolate tasting event @ the Commons. To be more specific, it was a "dark" chocolate tasting event. Most of it was from Madagascar and one from Venezuela. I liked one in particular that had chocolate on one side and crunchy nibs on the other.Yummy!

I finished Shopoholic Takes Manhattan and now catching up with The Apostle. I like it so far. Very similar to Brad Meltzer's books. Looks like all Brads' think alike.

A is back tomorrow! Tra la la la.....


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