Heights of....!!!

It is kind of funny, how I keep juggling between my various blogs. I am not biased about my blogs. But I must say that I feel real pleasure when I write something here. The kind of pleasure I feel when I have make up sex. Its like am in a totally different world where no one can reach me. Until, I hear A calling out from the kitchen downstairs, "Where are the coffee mugs, hon?". Its like someone has yanked me from my reverie. I pretend not to have heard him and continue typing, when he yells more loudly thinking I couldn't hear him. "Are the mugs upstairs??!!!". Oh god, I mumble and say, "Must be down....if it's not there, its OK....I don't really need coffee now." Just leave me alone for sometime, I want to add. I get back to typing and in less than a minute, I can hear, "I'll make Boost for you.....should I add Boost after heating the milk or before?". Oh, for god's sake! "After heating.", I yell back. Anyway, how does it matter, I wonder, when he yells back, "How many spoons should I add?". "Oh, puhleez....why are you doing this? I am in middle of writing.......how many questions you ask.....just add until the milk turns brown!!". A chuckles and loves it when I feel bugged. So, he continues to annoy me. "What are you writing??". Now, am really pulling my hair out and want to run away somewhere with the laptop. Instead, I choose to ignore him, when he asks the same question, just in a little more earsplitting tone. My blog, I say. And, am not going to answer anymore of your questions, I add. I hear a loud roar of uncomfortable laughter from the kitchen. "Come down, Boost is ready, he says and laughs more. Bring it up, I answer back. Then I can hear the thumps and more laughter as A totters up the stairs with my Boost. "Come downstairs, baby. We'll watch a movie.", he says. "No not now. I am doing something more important....I am writing about YOU!!", I said. Gosh, don't we make a pair?
I better go now. He's waiting for me. But I will be back with more stories!


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