Eat, drink and be merry!

I think this is the first weekend when we didn't eat out. Honestly, how couldn't we? I know, I can't believe it myself. On Friday evening, I made some yummy penne pasta in tomato mushroom sauce. We had that with some focaccia garlic bread. The meal was so delicious it made us realize nothing can beat cooking at home. No, I take that back. I do like to eat out. Let me put it this way, eating out is fun when you are in the mood for it, or when you haven't reviewed restaurants for a while in your food blog, like I do here. :)

On Saturday, we had some yummy north Indian thaali for lunch at home. I made Rajmah, the basmati rice medley from TJ's, Roti, Pappad and Pickle. The we watched World Cup, in the middle of which A had a sudden craving for Kheer and I whipped up pohe cha kheer in a whim. It was delicious. Am only worried that he will ask for it more often as he was quite impressed that I could make it in 15 mins. Ho hum!

And then, S called to say that they can actually come over for dinner that night. So, after the game, we did a quick grocery shopping at Costco, TJ's and Fredmeyer's. We got back home and started off with the Lebanese fair. Toum, Hummous, Shawarma, Pita, Saffron rice and Greek Fries. S brought some Falafels and the dinner was a huge hit! The plates were scraped until the last morsels of the garlic sauce miraculously disappeared.

Dinner was followed by a movie Milenge Milenge. It was a remake of Serendipity. Oh c'mon, get creative and come up with a different plot, for heaven's sake! In the middle of the movie, A brought out the dessert -Raspberry, Lime and Orange Sorbet.Another big hit!

On Sunday, there was more cooking (for the rest of this week - Black eyed peas daal and tindora sabzi) and Worl Cup finals. I spent some time doing my hair and laundry and the usual weekend chores. Never wanted to step out of the house.Sheesh! There are even days such as these! But I loved being at home.


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