Weekend stories.

OK, so, the weekend is almost over. Friday was Pasta night. I was working from home, so had the time to cook Spaghetti in marinara sauce with some garlic bread for dinner. After dinner we watched Well done Abba. Quite a funny movie and Boman Irani has done good acting. The story is set in rural parts and quite true, I believe.

On Saturday, we made veggie tacos for lunch and headed out for some shopping to Lynnwood. We went to Rock Bottom for happy hour and had their Margherita Pizza, quite awesome! Got back home after doing groceries at TJ's and Whole Foods. We made Mabo Tofu and the Veggie dumplings that we got from Hmart for dinner and watched EMI.

And today, has been a slow day. Sundays are always lazy days. I have blogs to catch up with. Laundry needs to be done. I still have to cook for the next week. And I have lots of books that are waiting to be read. I wish Sundays were longer. Like 40 hours or something.Will come back later for more blah.


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