Excuse me?

".......Cafeteria?" asked my cab driver. I just caught the last word and asked him back, "Cafeteria??". Don't you work at the cafeteria, he asked. I let out a low gasp and made such big eyes that my eye balls almost popped out. I fumbled for my phone, turned on the camera and checked myself out. What?? Do I look like someone who works in the Cafe? I told him no. And he justified his question by telling he thought I worked there because all those people get off at 2pm, same as me. Phew! But, even then, do I look like someone who works in the Cafe??

God....I thought. I need to do somehting about how I look. May be I should toss this backpack and get that Gucci bag I ogled at, at Bravern. May be I should get a makeover.

I told A when I got back home. I dunno, something actually made me burst into laughter when narrating the story to him. He first laughed and then tried to console me. Baby, you look hispanic...that's why he must have thought so.He would have asked the same to Jim (my boss), if it had been him and not you, he said. I nodded and agreed, but was seriously contemplating a makeover.

I yelped and found a hip and trendy salon called Vain in downtown Seattle. I made an appointment for a hair cut with one of their apprentices, who actually tuned out to be a pro! She gave me this lovely hair cut, and flat ironed and styled for $15.00. Can you believe it?? Rebekah, you are the best! She is also giving me a free touch up trim after 4 weeks.

And now, I am all set for the trip. SoBe, here I come!


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