When you need a salsa fix!

I love salsa. Who doesn't? When I watched people salsaing ;-) , I thought it was very daedalian. The twists and turns and the hip shaking and the elegant steps. I thought I can never learn it. Am not a master now. But, I just discovered that it is not very tough, at least to begin with. The basic steps can be mastered with some practice.

Today was my first Latin Impact class. It's a cool and groovy Aerobics class at my gym. It is a mix of Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha and Zumba. Sounds all Hi Fi, huh? It was an intensive workout and I really enjoyed my "gym time" for the first time. For an hour, I pictured myself to be in some exotic dance club on some far away isalnd.....Ibiza. Yes, Ibiza it is. I love love love the music.

On another note, I finished reading Undomestic Goddess. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out as a movie. One of those light hearted romantic comedies. It was a good change from the series of murder mystery horror books that I have been reading. The ending was too filmi...you know what I mean? And is "Er..." the only filler on earth? That kind of got to me. I think to Er or not to Er is the question now. Otherwise it was a good read.

Weekend again! I have to go now. Ciao!


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