Last night, I made hummus. Though it is simple to make, it is very tricky. The amount of olive oil should be just right. A little less or a little excess, will make a huge difference. I tried to make it the lebanese way. Just as what you get in Med Kitchen.

The ingredients I used :
3/4 can  Garbanzo Beans
4 cloves Garlic
Lemon Juice as needed
Olive oil  as needed
And a 2 tsps of water

Grind them together untill you get a smooth paste. It tasted ummmmmmmm so..........ambrosial. Garlicky. A roasted chunks of portobello mushroom and red bell pepper. So, that's our lunch today -Mediterranean Sandwich with hummus, roasted portobello mushroom and red bell pepper. A's has some slices of veggie bacon strips. Bon Appetit!


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