Tubing @ Snoqualmie

Saturday morning. One of those days when I have the luxury to catch some zzzz's. After sprawling on the bed for an hour or so after we were wide awake, we agreed that it was time we got up and decided on the POA for the day. Espresso in hand and our patuchus firmly rooted on the chair in front of the computer, we toggled between Vancouver and Tubing @ Snoqualmie. Some fervent calculations and a few phone calls later, we chose to go Tubing. It was 10:00 am then.

We showered, dressed and left home at 11:00 am. The first stop was at Med Kitchen for an early lunch. The food was exactly the way we wanted, incredibly scrumptious. We smacked our lips and ooohed and aahed after consuming every spoon of the hot veggie shawarma. We licked the plate so clean that the waitress gave a Thanks-I-have-one-plate-less-to-wash smile . We shot back a Don't-mention smile and walked out, all set for the drive to Snoqualmie.

By the time we parked our car and trekked our way to SnowFlake Summit, the afternoon session was sold out. Bummer! We had to wait in the dingly little cafe for two hours. A was a little grumpy about the wait, given that we had forgotten to take our books along.

Our "could haves" and "should haves" sounded like this

A: We should have reached a lil early.....or even better, we should have booked our tickets yday......now, what will we do for the next two hours...?

Me: Okay, come let's leave.....

A: We'll leave and what? come back later?

Me: Yeah we will book our tickets in advance and come back next weekend....

A: After coming this far, I don't want to go back without tubing........And moreover I don't want to come here again...

Me: Okay then, let's wait.

A: (Mumble Mumble) Come let's go sit in the cafe.....

Sitting in the cafe was probably a wrong idea, because, seeing other people eat, made us crave for fries and burger and other sinful food. I had to keep reminding A that we just stuffed ourselves two hours ago. After fighting the urge for the said sinful food, we ordered drip coffee(we didn't have a choice) and chose to just people watch and pull each other and talk about what we would do for the long weekend of Feb 14th. That seemed to do the trick. The conversation was endless and then it was time to get out and have some fun in the snow.

I am not embarrased to say this. I am scared of walking on ice. I just cannot get myself to walk bravely without even having the slightest doubt that I might fall, because, I WILL slip...and slide and skate and finally fall. So, there I stood, at bottom of the stairs, refusing to walk down the tiny hill of hardened snow. A tried his best to make me walk down.

A: Come, you won't slip. Just come.

Me: No.

A: Even if you fall, you will fall on the snow and nothing will happen to you.

Me: No.

A: Why don't you turn around and walk backwards? That is more easier.

Me: No...No...I can't come down.

A: (Now laughing and getting impatient...) You have to do something, baby. You can't stand there for the rest of the day.

Me: (Terrified) I know! Lissen, let's pretend we are having a conversation.I don't want others to know that am scared to walk on the hardened snow.

A: (Laughing) Ok..so walk now.

Me: Maybe I will sit down and just slide.

A: Okay do whatever you want, but puh-leez come down!

Ah, finally I was on the fresh snow. We clicked some pictures and shot some videos and walked over to the tubing area. We grabbed our tubes and ran to a lane. There were 12 lanes in all and a pulley system to pull you back up after you slide down. I went down first and was a little too scared at first. The speed was awesome and in less than 15 secs I was down, lugging my tube, tottering to the line that had formed to take the pulley back up. A couple of times, though, we walked back up the slope. A tried all kinds of antics....sliding down on his tummy, butt and what not? The two hours just zipped by and we loved every minute of it. Somehow, the two hour wait was all forgotten and Mr.Grumpy here transformed into the Cheerful Stuntman and was talking about tubing sometime soon again :)

We we voraciously hungry at the end of it. We stopped at GLC for dinner. It was more like a sports bar and had a very unpretentious decor. A few booths, a few wobbling tables, an old juke box, a small bar and very dark. But who cares? The food was to die for. They have the best sandwiches on earth and all of them 100% vegetarian. We ordered the Tycho - grilled portabello mushroom was juicy; together with the melted mozarella cheese, grilled onions and roasted tomatoes it was heavenly. It came with soup/salad/chips n salsa. We chose the split pea soup. We also ordered the Tamale. It was quite interesting to see a veggie tamale. The forbidden rice was perfectly cooked. And there was salad on the side too. My mouth waters when I think of their food.

We got back home with stiff legs and wet pants, just in time to crash and dream about the fab day.


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