Uggh...Grow Up!!

Valentine's Day. Every year I tell myself that may be next year I will grow up a wee bit and won't make a big deal of the day. After all, it's just another day. What's the point in celebrating V day when pretty much every weekend is like one? We watch movies, eat out, go for long drives, bla bla bla, anytime we want. So what is so special about V day? But eventually, the next year, the day before the great day, I realize that I haven't mellowed even a bit. I still have the same (or more?) excitement I used to have when I was 16. Somehow, going to a movie and dinner on that day makes me feel like we are a couple madly in love. And I love writing about it. So that, 40 years from now, I will read it and remember the kid that I used to be many decades ago. But who knows, for I may then still be excited about V Day, waiting for the surprises just like the old times!

A had planned a surprise movie and dinner. He had made reservations for "He's just not that into you!", a rip roaring comedy with a touch of romance. Something I really needed to perk me up from my depression. Why was I depressed? Oh well, that's another story that's better left unsaid. We lunched at home and went to the movie at 2:45 pm. It was a slightly longish movie, about 140 mins, but time just flew by. It felt like I was sitting through back to back episodes of "Friends". Ben Affleck was really cute.

After movie we stopped by at Clyde Beach Park to catch the sunset. It was not a very big beach. So, we continued driving to Kirkland waterfront. We strolled through the arty town and grabbed a quick bite at Santorini Greek Grill - hummus with pita and falafel. Their falafels are the best in town! Check it out sometime. After walking around for a while, it was time for dinner. A had made reservations at Firenze Ristorante, where we were greeted with a nice long stemmed red rose. We had the penne gorgonzola, chocolate truffle ice cream and a cappucino.

Me: You know what, honey? I like the fettucini alfredo that you make a loooooooooot better than this. What you make is so authentic.....the garlic, the veggies, alfredo sauce, soooo creamy!

A (very proudly displaying the "you can never get it elsewhere" look): Ofcourse, only I can make it taste so good. The main ingredient is "love". And lots of it. You can't get that (pasta or love?) elsewhere, mi amor.

My Valentine was getting all touchy feely and I wished that I could freeze the moment...a little bit longer and make the sensations a little bit stronger....I wished that the time would stand still, forever.

PS :- Pictures in another post :)


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