A hole in the wall

I seem to have a weird craving for chinese food these days. So much that, A sometimes doubts if I was a Chinese in my previous birth. You must have read about my cravings in the previous posts. I have been on the lookout for a decent Chinese restaurant not too far off, serving super tasty vegetarian entrees.

On Sunday, we found one on Yelp. "Szechuan Chef" is by far the best chinese restaurant I have ever been to.

Located in a strip mall, it is tough to be discovered. Had I spotted it when driving by, I would not have bothered to stop and check it out , as it does not have that "Hey, come try me!" kinda look. I am glad I looked up the yelp ratings and reviews on this one.

The interiors made up for the strip mallish outward appearance of the restaurant. The red walls, Chinese art on the walls and potted plants at almost every table add to the decor.

It was quite neat for a Chinese restaurant. Not that chinki restaurants are dirty. Just that I have not been to one as good as this one! (no offence, chinkees! )The moment we stepped in and saw a number of Chinese families enjoying their food, we knew that we were gonna love it. They have plenty of vegetarian entrees. Their helpings are huge and the cost very reasonable. They even have lunch specials on the weekends. Now, that's something to check out, huh?

We ordered the green onion pancake and dry cooked tofu hotpot. The food was hot and spicy and abundant in quantity, that we carried home the leftovers. The service was good too.

I could have reviewed this restaurant on Yelp and left it at that, but I totally loved the food that I thought it deserved a spot on my blog.


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