Deception Pass

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. We were woken up by Little Miss Sunshine, streaming through the drapes, pleading our bodies to stop the secretion of melatonin. Yawn, stretch, toss, turn and then we were outta bed. It's a perfect day to go to Deception Pass, we thought. After a quick shower and a heavy breakfast we were on our way.

Washington is called the Evergreen State. There are so many mountain ranges, lakes, beaches, national parks and a profusion of natural beauties that I feel it should actually be called "Ever Beautiful State". There is everything here except sunlight. Miss Sunshine somehow visits only between June - Sep. So everytime she decides to peep, just a little, we put on our hats and coats (you never know when should would walk away leaving behind the sky in tears) and start off.
It took us an hour and a half to reach Deception Pass State Park. The drive was beautiful. Mount Baker with it's snow covered peaks was stunning.

Our first stop was at Rosario Beach. I call it the "Pebble Beach", becoz that's what you see there. Lots of pebbles strewn on the shores.

We stopped at the drive through Deception Cafe and Grill for a latte. We then drove to the Deception Pass bridge. The view from the bridge was amazing!
The water was so blue. There are steps on either sides of the bridge that take you down to the beach.

The reflection of the bridge so clearly seen in the water is one of my favorite shots.

And this too...

We walked on the bridge from one end to the other. At one point I felt that I was staring into nothingness. I was so close to the edge that one more step and I would go all the way down as if I were bungee jumping, except that there won't be any rope holding on to me. I try to be witty in such situations.

Me: Honey, what would you do if I just fell down.......deep into the ocean....and you are see me falling but can't do anything to save me?

I half expected A to say things like he would get a rescue team flying in helicopters to dive into the ocean and pull me out. But instead, I was stupefied by what he said.

A: I will fall after you..

And I tell myself, "How sweet, isn't it? Apparently, A can't take serious jokes. He won't let anything happen to me. I guess this is what age does to men. Isn't this what every girl wants - someone who would love them to the fullest and think the world of them? So, I have it ALL now!"
But, within minutes I was transported to the real world. We were walking on the bridge, when
A: Be careful. Don't go very close to the edge.
Me: No, don't worry. Iam fine.
A: I was actually worried about the camera falling out of your hands!

But again, he swung me back to my fantasy land by carving a heart around the letters KK, on a pillar, and prophetically declaring, "Some day we will come back here and see this heart still burning with love!"

A, I should say that life is more fun when you are unpredictable :)

We hiked half way down to the beach and then headed back home. That night we dined at Chef Szcheuan, pretended to be on a date and got back home for what turned out to be a really long night (wink wink).


Vamsee said...

I never heard of Deception Pass, but the pictures are beautiful.

A BIG Awwwwww for the "I will fall after you" and the carving of the heart. Very romantic and very sweet.

Keep writing. You are really good.

BeachBum said...

Vamsee - Thanks!

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