Getting back into the blogging groove

Namaste! Aloha! Hola! Bonjour!
And so, my brief hibernation comes to an end. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. Here, let me fill you to the brim with the tidbits.

Utah trip was fun. May be not so much for A, who was in training most of the days. It was a much awaited vacation for me. You know, days when you wake up only when your eyes refuse to stay fused shut, when there is hot breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen downstairs (make your own waffles, toast and scrambled eggs, oatmeal, OJ, muffins and of the sort), when the housekeeper changes the towels, makes the bed, scrubs the bath and vacuums the carpet, when you get to play unlimited literati online, when you just laze around with a book and read it from cover to cover in one sitting.....sometimes this kind of a break is very rejuvenating. We managed to see most of SLC and the scenic loops during the weekend. A picture is better than a thousand words. I will do a seperate picture post.
Somehow, the food we eat when we travel ,seems to linger longer in our memories, than the travel itself. And here it was Mazza, the lebanese restaurant. As usual, the food and the flavor (and the waiter, ofcourse ) knocked us off our feet. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting SLC.

The house was throngging with visitors. Mom and Dad are staying with us for a couple of months. Sis and family visited for a week. Kids, food and touring added to the fun.
And my birthday swooped by. Balloons, cakes and cards. Felt like a little girl again.


A's office has moved to downtown Seattle. He trots off by bus early in the morning and gets back by 6pm. Not too bad, huh? Especially when I get to keep the car :). But I wish his office didn't move. It was so much easier to just call him up and say "Hey, don't forget the spinach from Whole Foods, milk from Fredmeyer, curry leaf from Mayuri, Yogurt from Trader Joes, blah blah", than make trips to the said stores myself. Sigh, the downside to everything!


Summer has brought with it lots of sunshine, heat and picnics. Saturdays are when we pack food and troop off to the lake. Was quite amazed to see the ducks' love for potato chips! Seaward Park and Green Lake have been the best so far.


A got me acrylic painting tools and an easel for my b'day. I am finally done with my first painting. Shall put it up in a seperate post for you lurkers to delurk and say something nice (only nice!) about the painting of a novice.

That's it for now. Will be back with more news soon. Ciao!


Vamsee said...

Good to have you back.
I tastes better when we are on vacation!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Utah. It is one of my favorite states...visited almost all the national parks there. Some of our best photographs are from that state.

BeachBum said...

Hey Vamsee,
We couldn't do the parks as it was snowing (yeah,in april! sad!) and we also didn't have that much time.We wanted to do Moab very badly.
Another time, just the parks. We did the scenic loops though....
Will get done with the picture post soon.

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