A little of this, A little of that!

Holi 2009 will be remembered forever, not fondly, but with extreme animosity. A slipped on ice and broke his fibula. Rushed to the doc and after an X-ray, the doc confirmed the broken fibula. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal, said he. So, A now has a cast/walker fitted to his right foot and walks with crutches. Poor baby. The aloo chaat that was wholeheartedly made for Holi, was consumed heavy heartedly.

We spent the weekend at home, catching up with FilmFare Awards, talk shows and some movies - Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye! , Luck By Chance and Karma Aur Holi !! The first one was a conman kinda movie, the second was nothing great - comman man's struggle to become a star and the third one, put me to sleep :).

The TV hunt continues. A has apparently decided on a 58" Sammy, but wants to check out the newer models that may come out this summer. Nadia was called for again. Once you get used to it, maid addiction gets worser. Sigh.

Taking on the duties of the man of the house has induced blogstipation in me. Shall try to be more regular. Gotta go now.... Necessito ir al bano.


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