The Girl with the Gadget

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Birthdays are when Julie metamorphoses into a naive, frivolous, dewy-eyed girl of four. Like a little girl, who at the dawn of Christmas, wakes up impetuously and races to the Christmas tree to see if Santa has after all brought the cuddly bear that she longed for, on her Birthday morning, the moment she opens her eyes, Julie is all agog to look under her pillow, to see what Zach, her love, has brought for her.

She wakes up all blurry eyed and tucks a hand under the pillow, rooting for the gift, but doesn't find anything. She had dreamt of finding a Vera Wang's Princess, in a fancy Sephora bag. Her heart that had filled up like a balloon, goes pop! Just then, her mobile starts ringing. It's her Birthday, after all. Some one's calling to wish her. She saunters to the brass bowl that holds her mobile, but in its place is a shiny, new, black and silver gadget. And, it is ringing! She picks it up. "Happy Birthday, Sweety!", says Zach. It is the One Touch Net Phone from Tata Docomo, all set for use. She has always eyed these smart phones complete with camera and access to Internet, and is stupefied at how thoughtful Zach has been. She gapes at it as if she has just spotted a Kangaroo shopping for groceries at Nilgiris. She lets out a squeal and does a little dance and narrates a break-up speech to her old mobile, "Nokia, it was good while it lasted. But it is time for us to move on. I now have a brand new companion. Am sure you will find a less techie person who will think the world of you. We'll continue to be friends, of course. Goodbye, now."

Relationship with your mobile is very similar to Marriage. You are all excited in the beginning, everything is rosy and you feel blessed to have all that you ever wanted. As time goes, you start noticing things that are annoying, things that could be improved to make life easier. But eventually, you accept the discrepancies and learn to live with it, only to discover that you are head over heels in love with him/her and just cannot live without him/her. Such is her story.

Julie is glued to this tiny gadget (I call it a gadget, because it is more than a phone) that has made the huge world a small place for her. She quickly sets up the Mail app with her Gmail and Yahoo accounts and her messenger is up and running. Easy-peasy. Notifications of new mails keep popping every minute - lots of wishes on her B'day. And, whoops....her sister is pinging her on the messenger! She wants to see how her new hair-cut looks. "In a moment..", Julie texts back. She quickly takes a picture of herself with the built-in camera and sends it to her sister. How cool. Now she can chat from the convenience of her Loo.

She fiddles with the Dive In services while the toaster is busy with the bread. She pick an image, sends a Thanks-for-the-lovely-gift card to Zach and starts downloading U2 songs, while nibbling on the toast. She switches on the FM and gets into the shower. How she loves this wonder device! She takes it with her everywhere she goes. In fact, her handbag has a special case just for the phone. And she wonders how she survived all these days without it. It is her soul mate.

It is a human tendency to always want more, and never be satisfied with what we have. After a few days of constantly using all its functions, Julie finds herself sighing and grumbling to her colleagues about what it can't do.

"You know, power went off the other night and I had to fumble with the keys on this crappy phone.....i wish there was a back light or something...."

"I noticed that there is no flash...can be challenging to use the camera at night...."

"The quality of sound from the speaker is good, but could be better....I was listening to FM this morning and it was all grainy...."

"Sometimes it takes ages to load a page...I was on trying to find a coffee shop and it took forever to fetch the that time I already reached the shop....WiFi will definitely make it better....."

And then her friend reminds her that for a mere Rs.5499 (in her case, a humble gift), she's expecting the Moon to be handed over to her on a Silver Platter. "You are right.....the inadequacies are nullified when compared to all that it can do....for instance, the other day..." and she start off, yet again, on its merits.

This is the best gift Zach could have ever given her. Even beats Vera Wang, for now, she has it all!


pawan said...

I must say that this is a bold post :D
Bringing out the demerits and then digging up with the merits :)
The concept of life and phone are woven quite tastefully!
Thumbs up from me :D

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Shaan said...

Thanks, Pawan! I wish you were the judge :)

Romeo Das said...

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Shaan said...

Thanks, Romeo! Will check yours.

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